Waktu merupakan perkara yang sangat bernilai tinggi, padanya kita beramal, padanya kita hidup dan padanya pula kita mencari keridho’an Allah. Karena besarnya nilai waktu inilah, Allah subhanahu wa ta ‘ala bersumpah dengannya: وَالْعَصْرِ (١ إِنَّ الإنْسَا
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INTERNSHIP ANNOUNCEMENT! We are so excited to announce that our team is growing and we are looking for an intern to help us fulfill our mission! What we're looking for: Summer Intern Flexible schedule hours for a 2 month internship beginning July 1st
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Can I just point out how small the @fiocchi_ammunition 9mm ammo boxes are compared to my next smallest @sinterfire.inc and the normal size @federalpremium 9mm boxes are? AmmoForSale.com sent us out 1000 rounds for our next two 9mm reviews. ********* _____
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Allí donde reinan la quietud y la meditación no hay lugar para las preocupaciones ni para la disipación ???? #instamadtime #igersmadrid #madrid #madridrio #parques #madridgram #instagood #instapic #photooftheday #picoftheday #like #love #green
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