Używacie peelingów do ust? ???? Przyznam się, że odkąd odkryłam cukrowy peeling z @wibopl zdecydowanie wzrosła regularność ???? ???? pachnie słodkimi owockami ???? dobrze usuwa skórki ???? wygładza usta ???? nie podrażnia __________ #cosmetics #face #beau
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photo today by @visualsofjembar - Into the wild. Take me back to the wilderness???? - Cipenengan river, Pakenjeng, Garut. - • Let's relax and enjoy the beauty of this nature, let's preserve it.Be a responsible traveler. And share it to your land in @hobb
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Finally moved into our new home today and i prepared our first dinner here! While i was in the midst of cooking, he suddenly asked me if I got wash the rice before putting in the cooker. Hahaha. I said “虽然我不是wife material 可是不至于不懂米是要洗的” ???? Happy that d
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DOMENICA APERTO‼️ Cambiamo orario: 10:30/13:30 e 15:30/20:00
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Café de tarde www.estamostendenciados.blogspot.com.es
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