Here’s a funny thing. My colleagues often accuse me of eating “hippie food” and sometimes laugh at what I’m eating. But I actually think I eat far from as healthily as they believe. I do like to eat a healthy lunch - which is what they see - but we’re...
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Werbung | Guten Morgen ihr Lieben! Mein letzter Post vor dem Urlaub ist bereits online. Das Thema lautet: Elegante Schuhe für Mädchen! ???????? Meine kleine Prinzessin zeigt euch, wie sie ihre schicken Ballerinas am liebsten stylt, wo man tolle Kinderschu
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City of colors. ~So this happened: I went to Amsterdam to meet Myrthe from @lamyrthille. She guided me around the city, we took a lot of pictures, cycled, talked for hours and hours, went out togheter and danced all night long! Myrthe thank you for the gr
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