Happy to inform you I'm back in business and so is my flower dress. Have a lovely thursday ???? #momentsofmine #littlestoriesofmylife #capturingourdays #gatheringslikethese #elämä #flashesofdelight #momentslikethese #holdthemoments #cornersofmyworld #abm
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Oiii amores! Fico impressionada com as mudanças do meu cabelo! Acho que quando tirar fotos mais atuais vocês vão perceber a diferença, nem tenho essa juba toda mais! Ha ha ha ????????
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Black beans, anyone? I've always thought that the best way of getting kids to try a variety of food is by modeling good habits, and eating together. I'm thrilled my daughter loves eating black beans, but I do wish she wouldn't always steal mine ??????????
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