How to outgrow your problems. Move away from resentment, frustration and anger towards a more peaceful allowance of things that are outside your control. Only because it feels nicer! #anger #peace #FeelGoodFriday
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Investigating.... is Alzheimers = Diabetes type 3? Excess starch/sugar -> inflammation & insulin resistance -> physical & mental disease -> risk of earlier mortality. 44m people have Alzheimers. #alzheimers #lchf #keto
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This is a first for me - tonight I'm going to see Alastair Campbell talk in Sydney about the politics of mental health. I'm interested in the global mental health landscape, what's being done and what can be done. You going? @campbellclaret #Mentalhealth #MentalHealthAwareness
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Watch the video. How 45 years of food advice is STILL giving us diabetes. (hint: it's not just butter)
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