RT @BBCNewsAsia: Inside a mega drug rehab centre in the Philippines: https://t.co/pTjanOKl9r https://t.co/27wxEzhXGJ
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"When my daughter is my age, women will have the power." Protesters mark one year since the Women's March against the election of President Trump https://t.co/ZCZjt4iX46 https://t.co/M89NSnNFeB
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- Four steaks 🥩 - A plate of fried fish 🐟 - Water 🚰 Total: €1,100 / £970 😖 A Venice restaurant bill is causing outrage: https://t.co/79rDAFRAlB https://t.co/mW72bwP4dP
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Gap between super rich and rest of world widens, Oxfam says. It found world's richest 1% get 82% of the wealth https://t.co/4rKwLISHPz https://t.co/Q414fNHWWu
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Amazon opens its first supermarket without checkouts in the US. So how do you buy your groceries? https://t.co/hyjps1LqEc https://t.co/PLajKXHHHh
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The Pilcomayo River runs between some of the most remote regions of #Paraguay and #Argentina. It's one of the most heavily silted rivers in the world - here's what that means for the people and vegetation living along the river https://t.co/xiHQdBQBzg https://t.co/DQGltQpVV4
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