@irolands #Grey #snow it snowed alllllll night this was yesterday it's doubled now 🌨🌨🌨☃☃🌨 https://t.co/KMREs4SRGb
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Well I left to grammas house 103lbs so I gotta see how much more I weigh when I get home in like 10 days #eatinggood #foodandfun #dranks https://t.co/7XttgUhEtd
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Yayyyy we were travelling and my 4 year old napped twice!!! Hahahahahaha fckin just kill me now Jason vorhees #FridayThe13th https://t.co/Sw0NAf8UNN
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RT @_tamariaaa: Me protecting my energy, minding my business and living my best life all 2018. https://t.co/tZ4lGZa4dH
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