Now that Instagram has removed the ability for 3rd party apps to display feeds of photos for a specific hashtag, many of you might be wondering how you can replace the current hashtag widget you’ve been using to display photos on your website.

Luckily with SnapWidget, you can now create a widget that displays hashtagged photos posted to Twitter.

You will have the same awesome customization options you had with the Instagram widget, but with the added benefit of including photos from other services besides Instagram that have been shared to Twitter for that hashtag.

Below is a short video showing how to create your first free hashtag widget for Twitter.

With support for a number of different kinds of Twitter widgets as well as Pro Twitter widgets, you’ll be able to replace your current Instagram widget in no time.

We are also busy working on some exciting new features, including the ability to moderate photos for a hashtag as part of the Pro widgets!

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