I’m back 🤗 I disappeared for a while and haven’t uploaded in SO LONG 😭 I explained on snapchat but if you missed it, I’ve been super ill lately. Since I got back from Hong Kong it felt like the life got sucked out of me but I’ve been treated...
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Bahama mamaaaaa 🌴😛 I wasn’t in the Bahamas and nor did I drink a Bahama mama (I’m all about mojitos)🍹 but I just felt like putting that caption and if you watched THAT episode of My Wife and Kids then you know 😉
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Would you like some thigh with that? 😏 last weeks valentines date night outfit ❣️ this Playsuit from @rosegal_official is the most perfect thing, I need to find more Playsuits like this 😫 Also this @nadulahair the darling @kemipanashe slayed for me is still lookin fresssshhh 💋
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Start the week reminding yourself you are completely and utterly perfect ✨ Perfection is such an odd concept, we are constantly striving for it but I don’t think any of us actually fully know what it is. Mostly because we change our minds so often and we are all so...
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My outfit for last weeks Black Panther European premiere 💗 I wore a pink suit from @fandfclothing my super cute @ted_baker bag and this spicyyyy bodysuit from @thepantryunderwear 😜 I was wearing @fentybeauty foundation obvs and my brows were ON POINT thanks to @microbladinglondon 😊🌸
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Suns out ☀️ bums out 🍑Fun Fact: some bums have cellulite and stretch marks on them and that’s totally okay. You may not see it all the time so you may feel your body is wrong for having any kind of imperfection but learning to love my cute butt dimples...
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