Coat your Boutique Bake Cacao Protein Bites with your favourite topping to give it that extra bit of crunch and colour 😋🙌😍
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Did you know you can pick up or complete gluten free range in @planetorganic stores across London? Our new pancake mix is on promotion online & in store! Tag any lovely London residents you think might be a fan of our mixes!! 🙌😊👌
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#Throwback to @boutique_bake on The Late Late Show 2 years ago! Such an incredible experience & @catherinebuggy got to give one mix 'to everyone in the audience', which was definitely one thing off the bucket list!!! 🙌😊🙈🍰😋
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Our #bakeoftheweek goes to @jm_keepgirlsinsports for these delicious looking @boutique_bake protein bites!! Such a handy snack for during the week!! 👌😋🙌
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It's #toptiptuesday @boutique_bake! A really delicious topping for our Pancakes or addition to your Belgian Brownies are 'maple salted pecans'! Just drizzle some maple syrup on pecans and add a little sea salt & pop in the oven @180oC for 10 mins! 👌😋🍁
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Munching on our @boutique_bake protein bites this afternoon! Have you tried rolling them in your favourite toppings?! Chopped nuts are one of our favourites! 👌😋🙌
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