Presenting a poster on “1984” by George Orwell, Nigel Fang (12), Elise Sirivisal (12), and Katie Chau (12) explain their theme based off of a given section of the novel. - Selena Thai
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Last week in Mr. Kane’s Principles of Biomedical Science class, Karen Kwong (09) performs a blood well test to solve a staged murder. pc: angelina
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As the Wilson Junior Varsity Volleyball team face off against San Dimas for their home league game, Nicole Fajardo (10) passes the ball, in effort to get it over the net to win the point. -Michelle T
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Heading into the upcoming basketball season in winter, Issac Sanchez (10) improves his free throws by shooting five in a row during the boys’ basketball practice. pc winnie
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Just minutes before starting the race at Schabarum Park, captain Jonathan Pfeiffer (11) leads the cross country team through a set of warm-ups. Pc: sherry
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In advanced computer science, Curtis Lee (11) and Kenneth Chen (12) work on Java programming and script. Pc: Sabrina
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