Sunday funday over here are the Radoux household! We are spring cleaning and getting ready for the crazy week ahead. It sure doesn’t feel like spring though- it snowed here in Indy yesterday. 🙈😭 . How are you spending your Sunday?! Are you still on Spring break or are you...
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New goals aren’t just for the New Year, new day, new opportunity, or the new me. If I’m wanting to make life changing goals-today is the day.
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Fat shaming. Skinny shaming. It all hurts. ✨ I’ve never been called “overweight” “too heavy” or “obese” but I have been called “anorexic” “ skin and bones” and “skinny mini”. While it may not hurt you those word leave deep scars on my soul. . . . In high school...
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I hope your day is a cute as your butt. Art by @stephaniechinnart
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