Happy National Wine Day!!! ????????I’m a big believer in a balanced lifestyle. Yeah, I love eating veggies, being active and keeping my diet clean, but this girl also needs a glass of wine (or three) on the weekends! ⠀ ????⠀ Tonight I’m drinking wine wit
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明日5/5(土)新宿校の休講代講情報です! Snuki(3st)13:45〜 代講→Hiroki(Lighthouse)※RBHIPHOP 星菜(3st)17:00〜 代講→MEG 蒼静香(3st)15:30〜 代講→冴 千尋(2st)16:45〜 代講→hiroki KO-TA(2st)15:00〜 代講→KAI MASAKO(4Ast)15:30〜 代講→UCHIKO AMI(4Ast)16:30〜 代講→ちびたく KANATA(4Ast)14:30〜 代講→HAYATO 以上です!明日もお待ちしてお
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