En vuestras pantallas ???? tomates ecológicos, saben a los del huerto de mi abuela, todavía nos recuerdo sembrando semillas y comiendo tomates con sal y limón en el banquito de su cocina. A veces echo tanto de menos a mi abuela, que me consuela pensar que
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Let’s play a little game of “What would happen if?” Shall we?! ????????‍♀️ • WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF...✨ • You stopped ignoring your dreams? • You dared to believe in the impossible? • You gave yourself grace to fail? • You used your failure as fuel for succ
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Channeling my inner Frida Kahlo with @stinewilson for the @wh_mag photoshoot last month ☀️ ???? • ????: @imjordanrandall ????????‍????: @danielhbarcelo ????: @mercedesrichelle ????: @ambreebullock @april_larence ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ #blogger #blog #writer #author #f
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Party pout l Lips from £205 per syringe can treat up to 3 areas ❤️ . Call us on 01273660506 to book a consultation with one of our Senior Doctors now✔️ . T: 01273660506 E: info@offclinics.co.uk . #lipinjections #lipenhancement #cosmetic #injectables #in #
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