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【GRILLSTEAK】 飛騨牛・雲丹・大根 “GUNKAN” ・ 岐阜県産の飛騨牛を使った軍艦風寿司、お寿司の上に雲丹をトッピング。 きめ細やかで柔らかな飛騨牛の贅沢な一品です。 ・ Gunkan sushi made with Hida beef produced in Gifu Prefecture. The sushi is topped with sea urchin. A luxurious dish with the soft and refined texture of Hida beef
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Poring through the freshest spring cookbooks and trying to pick a few for my May column @thekitchn. Pub friends, you have made this VERY difficult. Stop making such crazy beautiful books. ???? . . . . . #bookblogger #bookish #booklover #bookworm #booknerd
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