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5 Niches Where Instagram Can Give You Amazing Profits

Published on Aug 7, 2018

Stat. 1: 60 million pictures are uploaded every single day on Instagram.

Stat. 2: 50 million sign-ups took place on Instagram in the last six months.

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There are other 14 interesting stats on Instagram that shows a tremendous rise of this social media platform. Instagram has become a solid part of people’s lives today, and business heads must take a note of that.

If you’re looking forward to using Instagram for your business, this is the right article for you. Today, we are discussing the top 5 niches where Instagram can do wonders for you! We’ll talk about how Instagram can give a wide audience for engagement and how influencers are using Instagram for selling their products.

These are the niches we will discuss in this article:

  1. Health & Fitness
  2. Entertainment
  3. Beauty
  4. Art
  5. Fashion

These niches have seen the gigantic following in the last couple of years, and people associated with these niches can take maximum advantage from Instagram. Let’s look at some of the examples from every niche, so we can understand it better.

Health & Fitness

People look for motivation & inspiration when it comes to health & fitness, and that’s what Instagram provides to the people. There are tons of examples where Instagrammers started posting their gymming and yoga videos on this platform and received an overwhelming response. With millions of followers, these Instagrammers have started their own brands now, and one such example is Sergi Constance.

Health and fitness

This Spanish gym freak posts his gym videos and images on Instagram and made a huge brand out of it. He started his own brand called “Be Legend” to sell merchandise, and Instagram has a huge part in this. With over 3.6 million followers, he sells hoodies, tank, vests, t-shirts, joggers, jackets, and many more.

Clearly, his hard work paid off!

People who want to get fit, keep looking for gym tutorials, fitness advice, tips, and tricks. That’s what fitness influencers provide on Instagram. After millions of fan following around the world, fitness influencers get a heavy response when they launch a brand. Also, brands that deal with fitness and gym products, hire these influencers for product promotions and that gives a huge opening response.


After 8 hours of office work, anybody would like to take a break and see a funny video on Instagram. That’s how entertainers like Lilly Singh a.k.a Superwoman creates a huge empire of 7.7 million followers. Lilly Singh, a Canada based entertainer started posting her videos on Instagram and Youtube just for fun. Guess what? people found her funny!

With the fictional characters of her parents, she gathered a huge bunch of followers from all around the world. She can see the benefits of this while she sells her merchandise. Here’s a picture of Lilly selling her t-shirt on the Instagram.


Now that anyone can directly sell on Instagram, she used this feature and started selling her merchandise on Instagram itself. Instagram recently allowed eCommerce platforms to merge the profile with itself, so buyers can purchase products without leaving Instagram.

If you own a Shopify store, you can use the Instagram widget from SnapWidget to showcase your Insta feeds on your online store. Check out the link below to know how you can add SnapWidget to your Shopify store.

Add Instagram Widget to Shopify

Using SnapWidget, you can drive your current customers to your Instagram account and increase your follower base. A large bunch of followers helps your brand when you post new product updates on Instagram. That’s how you can drive people from Instagram to your online store. SnapWidget works well with all kinds of Shopify themes, and displays Instagram feeds in grid and slide view.


The next niche we’re discussing is Beauty. This niche largely covers female followers where influencers give tips and tutorials on makeup and beauty products. Beauty influencers have gained an enormous amount of following when we talk about beauty, and that eventually helps them sell their own products.

Here’s a great example of Instagram’s impact on profit when it comes to beauty products. Huda Kattan is an American beauty expert and businesswoman, and uses Instagram to the best of her ability. She posts makeup tips and beauty tutorials on her channel and reaches to 26.4 million people every single day.


Huda started her own brand called “Huda Beauty” where she sells all kinds of makeup products. There are other examples like Huda where influencers started their own brand and achieved a great success.


Art itself has a vast following because it is closely associated with people’s interests. Whether it’s dancing or painting or acting or photography or writing, every individual has a bit inclination towards some form of art. That’s why the niche of art is such a huge hit on Instagram. Different kinds of artists have witnessed amazing success on Instagram, and here are two examples.

Catana – an illustrator and comic lover started posting her comics on Thanksgiving 2016. She created two characters – herself and her boyfriend. People really admired the concept of her stories and characters, and now she has 1.4 million followers on Instagram.


She started her own online store where she sells merchandise with her special characters. She sells books, photo frames, t-shirts, and many more on her store, and Instagram plays a huge role in this.

The second example is a dancer from India – Shakti Mohan. Shakti is an Indian dancer and she performs classical and western styles of dancing. She was already a huge star because of her participation in dancing shows, but Instagram really came into the picture when she started her own brand -NrityaShakti. With 3.7 million followers of her own and 149k followers of her brand, she is promoting her merchandise using Instagram. This is Shakti promoting her product and brand on Instagram with a fellow dancer:



The meaning of clothing has significantly changed over the years. Now it’s not just a part of the hierarchy, but it’s a symbol of self-representation. People do like to see various things related to fashion & clothing on Instagram. Fashion enthusiasts & brands identified this opportunity and took a great advantage. One such example is Susie Lau.


Susie sells her own blog on fashion and gives out her thoughts on various fashion trends. She also promotes various fashion products on her blog and Instagram account. With 428k followers, Susie shows the giant scope for fashion on Instagram.


There are other niches that can produce giant reach like DIY, news, books, baby products, and many more. Of course, people who are already famous get on-hand benefits because they have a large chunk of followers. For example, when Ryan Renolds promoted his own Gin brand- Aviation Gin, it received a great response immediately.

Make sure to share your thoughts on Instagram with us in the comment section below. Let us know if you have found a great success using Instagram.