This is what the worlds largest pipe organ (AKA the largest instrument in the world) sounds like... without pulling out all the stops- literally. #doac #atlanticcity #acboardwalkhall
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People want their kids to be sensitive to kids and adults with disabilities- that’s great! Today I wrote some advice on how I think you can do just that. Check it out on the blog in #7QT.
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I probably could’ve written a book like this, but I’m always looking for new material. Thanks @k8devin for always looking out for your nieces and nephews!! #blessed <——- using that hashtag cause SHE loves it and it’s true!
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#fridayintroductions I’m the homeschooling mom with a map of the USA and the periodic table hanging in her upstairs bathroom to help her kids memorize the elements and state capitals. What else do you need to know? #imighthavelearnedsomethingtoo #makeeverymomentcount
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After a deliberate run in with a sprinkler, Teddy’s chair is working again. Here he is enjoying some s’mores while I take pictures and convince myself I’m not as sick as I feel. All the latest on this crazy week on the blog in #7QT.
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