It was a little cold at park run this morning ❄️ Well, for Brisbane anyway 😁 Dragged ourselves out of bed it get it done 👊🏻 It took me until half way to warm up enough to take the hoodie off of my hat 😂
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So, recently I wrote up a list of rules to give myself in regards to clothes shopping and shopping in general. I put myself on a shopping ban to see how difficult it would be. I can only buy clothing if it is replacing an item in my wardrobe. No...
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My youngest cherub Liberty went off to school camp. She loved it but got in trouble each night for talking at bed time. Most nights she has chats with her sisters before sleeping, so quietly going to bed is not her thing 😂 Large family living involves a lot of...
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Happy Birthday to this delightful, funny, caring young lady. 15 years old 🎂 She always makes us laugh and has the coolest dance moves 💕 we love you Harmony 💖
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