????????????TOUR CONCERT SOLO CONCERT CỦA GD ⭐️G-DRAGON 2017 CONCERT: Mother’s Womb ⭕️Nơi tổ chức: SVĐ World Cup Seoul ⭕️Thời gian tổ chức: 10/6. ????Với mong muốn được hỗ trợ các fan Việt có cơ hội quẩy hết mình tại những concert hoành tráng nơi khai sin
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Reviewku tentang 3CE Velvet Lip Tint telah up! Setelah sekian lama tidak menulis karena sibuk ????. Lip tint ini merupakan lip tint favoritku saat ini karena kualitasnya yang baguuss banget, cek review lengkapnya di bit.ly/3cetint. Atau klik dari profilk
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【VIETNAM/HOIAN】Cold Brew Coffee 50,000 ????????"Rosie's Cafe" ホイアンおすすめカフェまとめ☞ブログ更新!nananavi.com : Asian Travel Photo Gallery???????? @nananavi_com : #hoian#vietnam#nikond750#nikond750photography#cafe#danang#heartwarming#asiatravel#hoiancafe#vietnamcoffee#
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Meet my spirit animal... ???? . . . Zoos never fail to make me hop and twirl like a kid. And one animal I’ve been dying to see is the adorable panda. I’ve bookmarked several videos of these funny, clingy and rather clumsy bears and watch it all night lon
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